Thursday, October 28, 2021

Just When I Said...

I can say one thing about my part-time job as an author and freelance writer. I am never bored with nothing to write about.

Just after I posted my last blog entry, in comes a slew of projects. In the pipeline, I have eight articles for TravelAwaits to write, two publishers have approached me for two new books and a third is waiting for me to complete a proposal before committing.

I don't think I will be bored in retirement.

In the meantime, I'm awaiting the final proofs for Space Oddities: Forgotten Stories of Mankind's Exploration of Space which is set for release in July. The last go round wasn't too bad. It's funny how the acquisitions editor red it and only found one error. Give it to the content editor and POOF! I think he must have ran out of red ink. LOL!

Those edits were basically minor corrections, but some of his remarks puzzled me. For example, what comes to mind when I talk about mice being loaded onto a rocket and I say, "the rocket exploded and the mice were lost"? He questioned that and asked, "did they escape and run away?"

Guess you can see it both ways. I can't but the editor knows best.

I hope the "Space Oddities" publisher signs me up for presentations at all of the NASA visitor centers. Now THOSE will be some fun book signings (and road trips). Meanwhile, while I wait for the final proofs, here is a teaser for you, the first trailer for the book. Hope you enjoy it.

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